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Floods and water damage can completely wreck your home and cause fatal mold to grow. It’s up to every homeowner or renter to make sure their home is free from moisture, mold, and other water-related issues. Only an experienced restoration contractor can restore your area into a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. NY Floods require professional water removal which happens to be a long process that requires a special pump and a really experienced contractor, preferably one that is featured by top review sites which you can trust.

Whats Causes Water Damage & Does Bleach Kill Mold?

Our water damage experts are here at your service to give you the answers to all the difficult questions you have about mold, water removal and damage restoration. One of the four common water damage related questions we are often asked is, does bleach kill mold? The answer is that even though it may kill some surface mold it will actually just throw harmful chemical agents airborne in your house and will not be able to deal with the source of the mold. That means that when you see mold surfacing the problem is most likely aggressive enough where bleach will not do anything productive for the problem. Mold which is known to be from a result of water damage in a home is not something you can treat with bleach. Usually, the victim knows about some sort of flooding, hurricane, pipe break or some other significant source of the damage. If you know a significant source of water damage hit you, then bleach will definitely not be adequate to solve your problem and you should probably stop reading this now and call a local mold removal contractor.

Not Sure If You Have Water Damage Bad Enough To Cause Mold?

One of the most common phenomenons in our industry are people who were contemplating if they have water penetration bad enough to cause serious issues like mold or not. Some of them wait and wait until the mold pops it’s ugly head and then it becomes a much bigger job and a lot more dangerous. They key is to catch the mold before it hatches by assessing any water penetration to your house immediately. It’s also vital to periodically check the spot of the water penetration to make sure nothing bad is brewing. So if your waterproofing failed you, a pipe burst (even if you shut off the main right away) or water somehow flooded your home you will need need to remove the water right away. This can be done by pumping it out. After the water was removed it’s time to fix the leak source right away. Get a local water damage restoration professional to help you waterproof the leak source or fix your plumbing issues. After that, it’s time to use a handy thermal camera and moisture tester to study the effected areas for the next weeks. This is the exact stage where one will be able to identify a potential for mold and stop it in it’s track. Some people think that if they pumped out the water fast enough they will be fine and do not need to do anything else. As we just learned, that’s the biggest mistake one can make. Any water that enters your home and penetrates a wall, a tile or your carpet will need to be studied for potential mold issues.


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