Flood Extractor Pump: The Art Of Water Removal

Water emergencies happen all around the world. Our houses are not meant to store water, and so when our basements flood, a pipe bursts, or the kids decide to turn the bathroom into a swimming pool, real damage can occur.

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars, and the longer the water is allowed to stand, the more likely severe damage will occur. Luckily, many water removal companies offer 24/7 emergency services, and can give you tips on what to do to limit damage while emergency services are on the way.

How do water & flood removal companies work?

When you place a call to a water removal company, they will scramble one of their emergency crew to get there as soon as possible and remove the flood damage. In the case of wide spread damage such as a flood, where many people are calling their service, there may be some delays in getting to you, but most companies make speed their priority even under these circumstances.

The water removal companies come in vans fully equipped to handle these situations. Large amounts of water are removed through a type of equipment called a flood extractor, and is pumped out of the house. Once the pump has gotten the bulk of the water out, flood vacuums are used to suck even more moisture out of the area.

Once the area is as dry as possible using these tools, they then use fans and dehumidifiers to target hard to reach areas.

In the mean time, your furniture and other items are taken away to be cleaned, sanitized, and treated for dangerous bacteria. Sanitizing is a critical step. Many times the water that has entered your home isn’t clean, such as from sewage back up or floods. Sanitizing will also reduce unpleasant odors caused by bacteria.

Moisture detecting probes are used to measure the moisture in key areas to make certain no more moisture is left in the building.

The final step is restoration, where any damage caused by the flooding is repaired. This could be as small as a little bit of drywall, or significant restorations depending on what sort of water damage occurred.

Why call a professional?

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can clean up a flood on their own, especially if it is a fairly small one. They then discover thousands of dollars in damage because they didn’t get the moisture lurking in the walls, and mold ended up overtaking the area, or they didn’t realize the area under the carpeting didn’t dry, leading to the floor boards rotting. It’s easy to miss moisture if you don’t know what you’re doing, turning a simple clean up into thousands more dollars in damage.

Professional water removal service is the way to go for most cases of flooding. A quality water removal service knows how to remove every drop of water from your home, saving it from farther damage and you from significant losses.

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